Thursday, February 23, 2006

Yet another nethack release

Good night, new release uploaded.

Now I packaged two tilesets, 32x32 selected as default.
I add a symlink to ~/.nethackdir/saves at ~/MyDocs/.documents/.games/ . Using N770's file manager it's easy backup your save games to memory card.

- #twoweapons menu entry
- multiselection item dialogs
- bind one or two new toolbar buttons to interesting actions according to role
- discover how to put "direction dialog" in lower left corner directly

I only played wizards an valkiries, I don't know what actions are wished in relation to role, comments on that will be appreciated.

This weekend I will work on VLC port. I only could test it on laptop and I don't know how package everything to be installed on N770.

That's all for now, good nethacking.

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