Thursday, August 17, 2006

On holidays and tuner tool

Hi friends,

I'm on holidays this days and I've restricted access to my computer, my wife don't let me play on it until September :)

During first week on September I believe that I'll be able to do some improvements on the tuner tool that has been suggested to me on comments and by mail.

This is a summary about the changes that I plan to do:

- Enlarge the text that reports the tone played as Tor-björn asked for.
- Add an autoplay func for guitar notes: "Play the six guitar strings in sequence, allow each string/tone to play for a configurable length of time, then play the next string/tone, ie: e-e-e-e-e a-a-a-a-a d-d-d-d-d g-g-g-g b-b-b-b-b e-e-e-e repeat" as Chris Warren-Smith suggested.
- Add a pair of buttons to let change octaves on the piano func.

About how improve the FFT and add better sensivity under 400 hz frequencies, I'm reallyy novice in this area and mainly I began this project as way to learn about gstreamer and N770 multimedia API. I chosen KISS FFT lib because it's easy to use and fourier transform can be calculated using fixed point integers, that's good for N770 which haven't FPU. If someone has a good idea about which improvements can be done on this area I'm able to write the code and testing it but by now I have a lack of info about what should be done.

Sometimes I'm in IRC channels at freenode, #maemo and #gstreamer, with nick ArthurDentN770 we can talk about if you want.