Thursday, March 16, 2006

VLC work in progress

Last weeks had been some changes in my life, now I'm unemployed and I had to reorganize myself.

This circumstances will benefit VLC porting project, my primary goal is play a 720x576 4 : 3 25 fps TS-mpeg2 stream obtained from a Dreambox 7000S receiver.

In order to achieve this target I've been working with the following software parts:

- VLC 7.2: By now using console interface, in a future hildonize GTK/PDA interface

- libdvbpsi4-0.1.5: Last version of this component for demuxing video and audio streams from a TS stream

- libmpeg2: last versiƃ³n from cvs, I've done some work on IDCT routine writing a new implementation in ARM assembly using MUL and MAC dsp extensions.

- libmad 0.15.1b: Last version of this mpeg audio codec

I'm looking for an alternative to libmad, I found that there is an mpeg2 audio codec implemented on C55x DSP integrated in TI OMAP 1710 of Nokia 770.

$ cat /sys/devices/platform/dsp/dsptask11/devname

Do you know where I could find doc about this codec and how to use it ?