Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nethack again :)

Hello all.

A lot of changes in my life since my last post in this blog.
Now I have a new job, I'm working at Fluendo since September that's the reason why I've been really busy last months. Now I've to drive a pair of hours each day moving me from Igualada to Barcelona, less time for personal projects :(.
The new job is really interesting. Improve gstreamer and codecs for embedded and desktop platforms are mainly my tasks at Fluendo.

My first Nokia 770 is one year old and I want celebrate it with you, a new release of Nethack is an appropriate present. This was my first developing project for that toy.

Some promised features are now in Nethack, but I haven't tested it completely. Who can play games when is more interesting write the code :).

New features (look at the screenshots):

- Finally I finished the pad whit a nice look thanks to Christophe Dumas.
- Context menu for actions on objects at inventory dialog.
- Different flavours of nethack, now you can choose between graphical or ascii views.
- Some minor fixes.

That's all, thanks to everybody that does maemo an amusing experience every day.