Thursday, February 23, 2006

Yet another nethack release

Good night, new release uploaded.

Now I packaged two tilesets, 32x32 selected as default.
I add a symlink to ~/.nethackdir/saves at ~/MyDocs/.documents/.games/ . Using N770's file manager it's easy backup your save games to memory card.

- #twoweapons menu entry
- multiselection item dialogs
- bind one or two new toolbar buttons to interesting actions according to role
- discover how to put "direction dialog" in lower left corner directly

I only played wizards an valkiries, I don't know what actions are wished in relation to role, comments on that will be appreciated.

This weekend I will work on VLC port. I only could test it on laptop and I don't know how package everything to be installed on N770.

That's all for now, good nethacking.

Nethack, back to the past

I uploaded a new release of my nethack port. Now you can set your preferred tileset.

I don't packaged any alternate tileset to keep it small but is easy find some tilesets on google.

To add a tileset you need download it and copy to /user/.nethackdir using xterm.

Edit /user/.nethackrc setting tile_file, tile_width and tile_height values.

I would like receive some feedback about the game in order to improve it.

Monday, February 20, 2006

New nethack build

This is a new build of my nethack port. I believe that my last upload was wrong sorry for inconveniences.

I made some interesting changes, almost some according my preferences.
- Added a new button on toolbar for cast action(spell book icon)
- Left margins as I announced last week
- Now only role and race is needed to start a game, random choices will be done when are set

I would like receive some feedback about the port. What would you like to see in next build? Ideas to improve playability and interface, etc.

I wish you good luck in the dungeons of doom.

P.S. I added permanent links to binary and source packages on blog sidebar

Sunday, February 19, 2006

VLC capturing stream of dreambox 7000S

I've been working on VLC port this weekend, this is the result on my laptop.

Build script.