Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nethack, back to the past

I uploaded a new release of my nethack port. Now you can set your preferred tileset.

I don't packaged any alternate tileset to keep it small but is easy find some tilesets on google.

To add a tileset you need download it and copy to /user/.nethackdir using xterm.

Edit /user/.nethackrc setting tile_file, tile_width and tile_height values.

I would like receive some feedback about the game in order to improve it.


Wolfe said...

Thanks a lot for porting this over, and keeping working on it. It's terrific that you're doing this.

Since you asked for thoughts on features, here goes from my point of view:

A few features I'd like to see at the moment:
1- Ability to backup world and save file to memory card; (3 reasons: a) Nethack got corrupted and I had to uninstall, losing everything; b) would also be useful when upgrading firmware; c) yes ok would also allow people to cheat).

(Where is the game installed? Where are the files stored? Are there simple tools that let me browse and backup the actual Linux directory structure of the 770 without installing some command line shell?)

2- perhaps one or two configurable buttons (space allowing, or a button that pops up a menu when you're full screen) that the user can configure to what he/she wants from the special actions list.

3- ability to pickup and drop more than one thing at once (e.g. Winhack lets you enter checkmarks in boxes to handle multipickup, multidrop.) Very useful to e.g. "Drop all curse status not known" items on altar then "Pickup all".

4-"direction" dialog box pops up in middle of screen then redraws in lower left. Would be nice if it just stayed in one place. (minor bug).

Again, thanks for all the great work!

Anonymous said...

First let me thank for your port too!

Wolffe, for your question #3:

Multiselect already works - tap and drag over the items you want to select. Works atleast in "drop many" menu. Easier to make work by starting from down and dragging up.

Now, some of my wishes:

1) less dramatic zoomlevel steps. The current zoom-1 from default is slightly too small while default is way too large graphics.

2) Reorganize the menu so that it does not need scrolling any of the submenus up/down. This might need a bit of thinking for a logical order.

3) Move item-specific actions to inventory. So instead of

"press read button" -> "what do you want to read" (hmm I don't remember what was the scroll of identity) -> "details" -> "select scroll"

One would

"inventory button" -> "select scroll of identity" ("read button" in inventory popup gets highlighted)-> "read"

Thus inventory could be used for for apply,eat,name object,wield weapon, exchange weapon, put in quiver, wear/put armor/accessory/ring,drop,drop many, quaff,zap,read,rub,dip,spell,pay,offer.

This would leave more space for action related buttons in the toolbar.