Sunday, February 19, 2006

VLC capturing stream of dreambox 7000S

I've been working on VLC port this weekend, this is the result on my laptop.

Build script.


Anonymous said...

What about the sound, which codec are you using? the only one I've seen working was libmad but with no a/v sync

Anonymous said...


Estoy muy sorprendido al ver esto que muestras. Yo tengo una Dreambox y también un 770. ¿Puedes indicar si la velocidad en la pantalla del 770 es óptima?
Gracias por adelantado.

hackintosh at

Anonymous said...


this would be a great app, I've a dreambox, Nokia 770 and wireless home too and thought about that the first time I read about the Nokia 770.

Hope you will be successfull


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

hello, how you can use dreambox and ubuntu system pc. ı want to make mount setting on pc and grabber to pc. could you help me about that. thank you