Friday, March 03, 2006

Zooming issues on nethack

Last week I've been very busy and I couldn't work on nethack. Today I uploaded a new build.

Now zooming steps are fine grained and a problem related to scroll bars has been corrected.

Next weeks I've been working on VLC, my first attempt on hardware doesn't work. I believe that I will have to learn about c55x DSP in order to optimize ffmpeg for Nokia 770 and this will be a hard task.

Good nethacking :)


Anonymous said...


as for the VLC an C55x, well I think the DSP is a bit overhyped. Yes it can do great things but it is still only integer and 16bit and already does some tasks in N770. The main CPU is pretty fast too. Have a look at opensource TCPMP player it does not use DSP at all and can play fluent divx videos with mp3 sound on my Tungsten T2 (OMAP 1510@168Mhz, armv4t) in 320x240,25fps,304kbps. OMAP 1710 runs at 220Mhz and is armv5te (i.e. with dsp extensions) so it should be faster and you can even try to optimize for edsp if you insist. DSP is good if you want to free the main cpu for other tasks or maybe if you want to save power, but I think it is a bit overused in N770 video player and generally overhyped, it is no magic bullet. You can check if you insist on using DSP but it is definitely not needed for the start.

I think it is easier to use DSP with gstreamer framework on N770 because Nokia already did lot of work in this area but it will be hard to integrate it (dsp or gstreamer) into VLC.

Anonymous said...

I've been having a problem with Nethack where it corrupts itself and then crashes after the name selection screen. When it does this, the only solution appears to be uninstalling, deleting the .nethackdir (which is not done by the uninstall), and reinstalling.

Jep said...

narcolepticdoc, I experienced this sometimes too, but I couldn't find the cause. An easy solution is delete ?lock files in .nethackdir using xterm, you don't need uninstall/install.