Saturday, March 17, 2007

More improvements on nethack

Hi all,

Finally I managed to fix the feature related to context menu and the inventory dialog. Now works fine with Nokia 770 (tested on mistral and scirocco) and with Nokia N800 (tested on bora).

Thanks to Tilman Vogel, he sent me a patch with some more features. Mainly sumarized as:

- Toolbar expand/unexpand depending on full screen state
- On toolbar added new commands "What's here?" (:) and "What's there?" (;)
- Fixed endless loop asking for "more details?" when using the central minipad button with the "identify a map symbol" command
- Changed search button icon.

Enjoy with this new release.


Anonymous said...

When you release a new version of a package, could you give it a new version number too?

ScottInNH said...


Nice work. I was interested in your function to detect Maemo version and if you knew of a way to detect this ON the device itself (at runtime)?

In your build script you use:
$(pkg-config dbus-1 --modversion | awk '{split($$1,t,/\./) ; print t[1]}')
which works fine for a build environment. I have a problem I am trying to solve (unrelated to Nethack), and need to detect the OS/release from a shell.

Scratchbox and the Nokia does not have the equivalent of /etc/nokia-release (so common in desktop Linux), nor does this OS provide the lsb_release command).

Anonymous said...

uname -a from shell gives you info on system

Anonymous said...

Nethack is certainly a great game, but when I download and install this on my N800 (the latest ARMEL binary), it installs fine, but when I run it... nothing happens.

No error messages, no indication of what's wrong.

Is there a version that works on the N800?

Thanks very much.

Jep said...

It works on N800.

Please read comments on other posts about nethack on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

being an old school nethack junkie, I think that the text only interface is preferable to the graphical interface (sorry). Is it possible to get the 770 binary to run in a text terminal and to present the test only interface? I have a bluetooth keyboard to fly it.


Jon Fowler

Anonymous said...


Thesmoked said...

Amo nethack, no lo soporto. Es más vicio que el ajedrez. Lo que pasa es que una vez leyendo un spoiler vi el final. Que mierda. Por cierto podría poner en mi motorola tu juego. Perdona por el español pero es que mi Ingles es un poco pesimo.

Unknown said...

Installed on two different brand new 770's (installed OK) and it just does nothing when you try to run it!

Anonymous said...

Love your nethack port to the IT...

How hard would it be to do a compile with the same UI for WinTel PC? Your interface is the best I've come across for NH on a keyboard-less device (and I'd love a compile for my Stylistic "Tablet" PC)...


Anonymous said...

Just curious... how do I #twoweapon in this version of NetHack? It doesn't appear on the menues and I haven't figured out how to input text directly. I do have a weapon in hand, weilded, and an alternate weapon active.


Big Flub said...

Does Nethack on the N800 support keyboards? Since it seems likely that the N810 will have a slide out thumbboard it would be fantastic to have a mobile Nethack that could be operated completely from keyboard. Nethack is probably my most used app after Opera on mine :)

Anonymous said...

Is there any possible chance to clean up the character movement just a little?

When moving my character, the graphics tend to "twitch" quite often making it so the gameplay isn't as smooth as you would see if playing the DOS or Windows version.

Is there a way or an option to remove the horizontal and vertical scroll bars for the dungeon area of the screen?

Also, is there a way to remove or slow down the speed of the directional keys? It's really hard for me to take so much as a single step without the game making my character take two steps by accident.

Finally, any chance you could use the color patch for the ASCII tiles and make the areas that are unexplored to being just black instead of the gray graphic tiles that are being used?

It's just not the same going through the Gnomish mines without seeing orange walls.

Please respond when you have the chance.

Hopefully this didn't come across as a bitchy request. :o)