Sunday, June 25, 2006

Nethack GUADEC 2006 edition

Hi nethackers,

Another version of my nethack port is available, now I added a minipad widget to main screen. It's functional but a nice artwork needs to be done, probably something like a compass or a wind rose.

Future improvement could be contextual menus for actions on the inventory list, now I have an idea about how to do it.

Good gaming


Anonymous said...


Will ASCII tiles be an option?

Anonymous said...

I have been having problems with the 2006 nethack. It would install fine but when i go to run it nothing happens. I've tried reinstalling it and the 2006 OS but it still doesn't work. I might go back to the 2005 OS if it doesn't start working for me. I can't stand playing on the computer, it's so much easier on the 770.

Jep said...

I'm using IT2006 and nethack with no problems.
The game is a bit slow on start.
You can try remove user/.nethackdir it will be created again when you run the game the first time.

With xterm do:
/ $ cd
~ $ rm -rf .nethackdir

Before removing the nethack directroy you can backup your current game with file manager, go to documents/games/nethack dir and copy the compressed file located there.

Anonymous said...

thank's a lot, it worked

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem; maybe there's something weird with the first run on a clean system? Just got my 770 today (and of course nethack is the first game I looked for). Thanks!

Unknown said...

There could be a behavious attached to the new "direction" minipanel allowing to repeat a move when a button is being clicked for more than a second or so, as the Nokia 770 arrows button has. This is useful when walking through a long corridor.
Also, the central button does not perform the same behaviour as when clicking the charater sprite on the game screen (for instance when over a fountain to drink, or over an object to pick it up).
I'd substitute the direction panel with something looking like this:

Thank you and your wife for your time! =)

Unknown said...

Of course, in the previous post I mean Your time, not your wife's =)

There is also some bug related to the movement routine. Sometimes when clicking the tiles on screen (I can't be more specific about when this happens, it's quite randomly), the character walks a longer path than expected (dozens of steps, instead of one).

Jep said...

Hi Alfonso,
I answer you yes, a nice artwork on the direction pad has to be done. I'm not sure when I could do this but I keep it in mind. I'll try to implement the key press repeat code at same time. About the central button it is binded to "." key on the original game, it is usefull to rest or indicate self direction, for example using a band of speed to yourself. About the other bug related to touching on the map I haven't experienced it, you can try calibrate the thouch screen on the control panel and give me feedback if it isn't a solution.