Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nethack for IT2006

This is a testing package for IT2006. It works on maemo 2beta devenv but I couldn't test it under the real device.

I'll coninue working on code this week your suggestions will be appreciated.

Nethack binary package for IT2006

Good nethacking.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for package the great Nethack for IT2006.

I've installed it and after a quick trial I've found some little bugs:

- The menu hardware key does nothing, this is a problem in fullscreen mode.

- At install time, the installer does not ask for a location for the menu entry like most IT2006 apps.

- The icon in the menu and in the taskbar is the generic one, not the custom Nethack icon present in the last IT2005 versions.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. See comments above, but at least I can play again.
Thanks, Sven

Jep said...

Icon is the same that I used in previous versions, a simple shield.

Which icon are u refering?

Anonymous said...

nice work,
If you still maintain this I have a bug to report.
- when i apply an item such as a key to unlock a chest, nethack loops through turns until i can press another cursor direction from the on screen cursor. This will also happen when i talk to the oracle it puts me in a loop that i cannot get out off due to a pop up box that ends with me having the only option to "really attack the oracle?"