Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nethack again :)

Hello all.

A lot of changes in my life since my last post in this blog.
Now I have a new job, I'm working at Fluendo since September that's the reason why I've been really busy last months. Now I've to drive a pair of hours each day moving me from Igualada to Barcelona, less time for personal projects :(.
The new job is really interesting. Improve gstreamer and codecs for embedded and desktop platforms are mainly my tasks at Fluendo.

My first Nokia 770 is one year old and I want celebrate it with you, a new release of Nethack is an appropriate present. This was my first developing project for that toy.

Some promised features are now in Nethack, but I haven't tested it completely. Who can play games when is more interesting write the code :).

New features (look at the screenshots):

- Finally I finished the pad whit a nice look thanks to Christophe Dumas.
- Context menu for actions on objects at inventory dialog.
- Different flavours of nethack, now you can choose between graphical or ascii views.
- Some minor fixes.

That's all, thanks to everybody that does maemo an amusing experience every day.


Marius Gedminas said...

So, where can we get it?

Marius Gedminas said...

I found a link on the front page of your blog. Somewhat confusingly, it points to a nethack 3.4.3 deb. That's the same version that you called a "testing package" back in June. Do you just upload new packages without updating the version number?

Jep said...

Marius, I'm not versioning the port. 3.4.3 is the version of the nethack game and my modified GUI isn't versioned currently.

The links are in the side bar. I'm suporting only armel now.

Unknown said...

Thank you, this is a great update. I spent years playing in ASCII mode, tiles just don't have the same meaning for me. The new context menu and the compass rose look great, too.

Anonymous said...

Now that you work at Fluendo on codecs to benefit embedded devices, maybe you can take a look at the patch I submitted half a year ago to improve the tremor (integer vorbis decoder) support :)

Jep said...

Thomas, for me works fine on Scirocco and Bora.

You can try to delete .nethackdir at /home/user with xterm or ssh.

This subdir should be recreated at first run.

If the problem persist, try run on a xterm or via ssh and give me the info obtained.

Jep said...

Thomas, this is the normal behaviour on nethack. You can read aabout that at

Remember that my project is only an UI backend for the game.

Unknown said...

I love this port, but on my N800, it crashes whenever I tap on an inventory item, and the popup menu when tapping the small arrow in the lower right corner is mostly outside the screen.

Other than that, it works great and I've found the killer-app for my N800. =)

Jep said...

I recived my N800 last friday and I noticed the problem related to the inventory.

I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

About the small arrow on the toolbar, that appear when you don't play the game in full screen, try the full screen mode.

In full screen you can use the menu key to dropdown the menu.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and I play this ALL the time on our N800, but unfortunately, after a lot of playtime it crashes right after picking your character. If run from the command line instead, I get "too many hacks running" error and can't seem to locate the lock file that I thought would be causing this.

The other OS versions don't have this problem. If you have any ideas, or a way to fix it, I'm all ears.

Jep said...

I don't know when I will find time for fix the issues on the last release.

By now, at /home/user/.nethackdir/ you will find the lock files. Remove it and try again.

I can't say what causes segfaults on the N800, I tried a lot in the N770 before I did the post and upladed it.

I tried to catch the segfault in gdb the past weekend without luck.